Calle Luis F. Thomén 110, Torre Ejecutiva Gapo, 7th floor, suite 709, Santo Domingo, D.N., Dominican Republic.

Tel: 809.535.4962
E-mail: m.almonte@maelegal.com


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We offer legal representation in contentious-administrative and judicial proceedings in the field of Competition Law.

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We represent clients in product liability claims at both the administrative and the judicial level.

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We have broad experience advising foreign and domestic clients on the legal framework applicable to agency and distribution agreements.

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We focus on business transactions, encompassing every aspect relating to the acquisition, individualization, registration, transfer and encumbrance of property rights.

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In addition to an excellent professional service, we offer the kind of warmth and kindness
characteristic of a personal relationship, based on trust and
credibility between lawyer and client.

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About us

[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space height=”7px”][vc_column_text]Merielin Almonte Estudio Legal (MAEL) is a trailblazing and dynamic boutique law firm offering legal services in the fields of Business Law and Economic Regulation. Thanks to a direct and personalized professional relationship with our clients, we are able to deliver high-quality services with professionalism and effectiveness. Our rates are flexible, predictable and competitive.

In every case we handle, we use our creativity and experience to find practical and cost-efficient solutions for our clients, allowing them to implement their projects and accomplish their objectives while minimizing legal risks. In our professional work, we not simply strive to provide workable legal solutions, but also, beyond that, to establish a relationship of mutual trust and credibility with our clients.
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