About us

Merielin Almonte Estudio Legal (MAEL) is a trailblazing and dynamic law firm offering legal services to both national and foreign clients in the Dominican Republic. Thanks to a direct and personalized professional relationship with our clients, we are able to deliver high quality services at a reasonable cost. Our rates are flexible, predictable and competitive.

In every case we handle, we use our creativity and experience to find practical and cost-efficient solutions for our clients, allowing them to implement their projects and accomplish their objectives while minimizing legal risks. In our professional work, we not simply strive to provide workable legal solutions, but also, beyond that, to establish a relationship of trust with our clients.

Our sense of social responsibility plays an important role in our business philosophy. We promote consumers’ rights in the Dominican Republic by means of civic education, professional training, and raising awareness in the business community, which places us at the forefront of the defense and advocacy of consumers’ rights and competition law in the Dominican Republic.